Clergy Tax Services

We provide complete tax services for ACTIVE and RETIRED clergy, which includes ministers, pastors, and chaplains nationwide. These services include:

  • Complete and accurate tax return preparation
  • Estimated tax payment calculations
  • Free E-File
  • Tax planning and consultation
  • Three years of tax return storage via the client portal
  • IRS Audit assistance
  • Amended tax returns
  • Recordkeeping techniques
  • Tax saving tips

Why Choose Us?

The IRS applies special tax rules to members of clergy. Understanding and navigating these complex rules can be difficult and frustrating. With over 35 years of experience on clergy tax subjects and preparation, we can put our specialized knowledge to work for you to handle the complex tax issues governing clergy. You can be assured that we will prepare a complete and accurate tax return. And if you encounter problems with the IRA or state agency, we are here to help.

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